Webinar: Structuring the learning of a topic - the RAR approach

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Please join us for the third webinar from our series on 'Teaching in the time of the coronavirus' with Geoff Petty where he will discuss how to structure the learning of a topic and keep your learners feeling motivated.

Whether you are using Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and other technology-based methods, or Independent Learning (IL), it is especially important to structure the learning of a topic in an optimal way. This makes learning as easy as possible, minimises the chances of students getting stuck or developing misconceptions, and can reduce frustration leading to student drop out.

The structure is an update and adaption of 'Whole Class Interactive Teaching' or 'Direct Instruction', which have been well researched and have very high effectiveness.

A CPD certificate is available to SET members who joined us live for the one-hour session. You can download this in the resources tab on the main event auditorium page.


About Geoff Petty

Geoff Petty is one of the UK’s leading experts on teaching methods. An experienced teacher with an international reputation, he is the author of best-selling books Teaching Today and Evidence-Based Teaching.

Geoff has spent 28 years in teaching and is a former teacher trainer. He has worked as a consultant with over 500 colleges and schools, as well as several national education bodies in the UK and abroad. He speaks regularly on learning and teaching issues at conferences all over the country.

Geoff is a regular contributor to SET's quarterly journal, inTuition.