Webinar: Using the RAR approach in practice

The live event has now taken place.

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RAR is a structure for teaching a topic where students RECEIVE new information and/or skills. Then they APPLY this learning, then they RE-USE this learning to embed it in long-term memory and learn how to make it useful. There is continuous ‘Check and Correct’ throughout. The first letters of these three phases spell RAR.

The intention of the structure is to ensure all students learn the topic well. It is based on, and updates, highly effective teaching methods ‘Direct Instruction’ and ‘Whole Class Interactive Teaching’.

Geoff has already run a webinar on this topic, but has been asked to say more about it and to give some examples of its use. You will benefit from seeing the earlier webinar on this topic before this session, but that is not vital. A CPD certificate will be available for all SET members attending the session live. 


By taking part in this live event, you will be able to download the full presentation to accompany this webinar. During the hour we will hold online polls for you to take part in. You can also submit your thoughts and questions, which will be answered towards the end of the session. Following the webinar, a round-up article will be published, whereby you can read all of the feedback which came in during the webinar. This often includes ideas for best practice, along with questions and answers to topics you may find useful in your own role and setting.

About Geoff Petty

Geoff PettyGeoff Petty is one of the UK’s leading experts on teaching methods. An experienced teacher with an international reputation, he is the author of best-selling books Teaching Today and Evidence-Based Teaching.

Geoff has spent 28 years in teaching and is a former teacher trainer. He has worked as a consultant with over 500 colleges and schools, as well as several national education bodies in the UK and abroad. He speaks regularly on learning and teaching issues at conferences all over the country. Geoff is a regular contributor to SET's quarterly journal, inTuition.

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