ETF to champion the sector with new strategy

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has launched a new strategy setting out its plans to support everyone working in the Further Education (FE) and skills sector by championing the vital role of educators and leaders in transforming the lives of learners aged 14 and over.  

The Society for Education and Training (SET), which is part of ETF and the largest professional membership body for educators in the post-14 sector, continues to support over 22,000 teachers, trainers and leaders as part of this strategy.

With a renewed commitment to working in partnership for the benefit of the sector, the plans set out a bold new ambition for the charity to drive professionalism, improve teaching and learning, champion inclusion and enable sector change for a thriving FE and skills sector:


Drive professionalism

We will champion professionalism and grow the evidence base of education and leadership practice making FE and skills a rewarding career destination.   


Improve teaching and learning

We will ensure consistency in learner experience by setting clear competences and conduct required to enter and maintain professional status within FE and skills.     


Champion inclusion

We will tackle inequalities in the FE and skills workforce, supporting routes to employment and career development by providing lifelong learning to all.  


Enable sector change

We will convene sector change and respond to FE and skills workforce needs by working in partnership.  


Learn more about the new strategy on the Education and Training Foundation website.