ATS Re-accreditation FAQs

The Society for Education and Training (SET) has introduced re-accreditation for Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) holders with the aim of maintaining a high level of professional practice amongst those who achieve the status. 

Regardless of when you achieved ATS, SET members will be required attend a re-accreditation event once every three years to maintain their status, with annual events to help facilitate this. 

Similar to other professional associations, we feel it is important that the recognised (Advanced Teacher) Professional Standards are continuing to be met by our members, post ATS award.

We will be holding an annual ATS re-accreditation event which all holders are welcome to attend (free of charge), and whilst yearly attendance is not mandatory, ATS holder must attend once every three years to maintain their status.

Unfortunately, should you not re-accredit within the required timeframe (three years), your status will become dormant, and will no longer appear on the Professional Register until you next re-accredit with us.

Yes, you must be an active SET member to attend a re-accreditation event.

You only need to attend once every three years to re-accredit your ATS status.

Yes, if you wish.


If you do not re-accredit (attend) once every three years, your ATS status will become dormant. Therefore, whilst you will still be an ATS holder, your status will no longer appear on the Professional Register or Chartered Directory.

Your ATS status will become inactive. Therefore, whilst you will still be an ATS holder, your status will no longer appear on the Professional Register or Chartered Directory. You will need to be a SET member to attend future re-accreditation events.

For anyone who achieved ATS before December 2021, the re-accreditation timeline starts from 01/01/2022, so all ATS holders will have three years from this date.

We feel that members will get much more from a face-to-face event; however, we may review this considering government guidance and feedback from members.

No, as soon as you have been awarded ATS status, you can join the next re-accreditation event, if you wish.

The March 2022 event is a pilot and has been scheduled based upon feedback from our Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG). We will consult ATS holders after the first event to establish if this is a suitable time to host the event and publish future dates based on this feedback.

Yes, food will be included in the day, at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, not.

Whilst we would still encourage face-to-face attendance, we appreciate this will not always be possible for those who no longer live in the UK. Please reach out the team via if you wish to discuss options available to support your re-accreditation.

Yes, you will be hearing from ETF sector experts and engaging in workshops with fellow ATS holders throughout the day.