The benefits of Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) for employers

Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) is a Professional Status for accomplished and experienced teachers in the Further Education and Skills sector. It is successfully gained after completing a 14-month developmental process and is maintained through membership to the Society for Education and Training (SET). Awardees also gain Chartered Teacher Status. Chartered Status is the highest nationally recognised accreditation pathway that will further support your career-long development and recognised mastery in your practice at different levels.

What's involved?

ATS is a 14-month programme which offers the chance to:  

  • research a topic of interest through critical reflection 
  • create a professional development plan 
  • formally mentor a qualified colleague
  • write and deliver a Quality Improvement Project specific to your organisation
  • influence your colleagues and leadership team

100% of surveyed awardees said that undertaking ATS had a positive impact on their colleagues

How much does it cost? 

Undertaking ATS costs £884. It can be paid in six direct debit instalments, with an initial payment of £224 once accepted onto the programme.  


How can I or my staff apply? 

SET members who meet the eligibility criteria can apply during our application window. There is one application per year, which runs from 1 April to 28 August. You can express your interest on the SET website at any time.  

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Why should I invest in ATS for my staff members? 

ATS is the tried and tested way to professionalise your workforce and will demonstrate that you are committed to raising standards by employing highly skilled teachers who demonstrate mastery in teaching. Employing ATS holders offers a range of potential benefits which may allow you to: 

  • improve learning outcomes  
  • improve standards efficiently and cost effectively  
  • raise your organisation's profile to partners and learners  
  • offer new career progression routes for your advanced teaching staff  
  • provide a high-quality developmental process for advanced teachers tailored to the organisation’s quality improvement needs  
  • recruit the best teachers and promote your credentials as an employer  
  • promote a culture of working collaboratively to improve teaching standards amongst peers.


"The Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) programme has had a significant impact on our staff and the wider organisation. Lecturers undertaking ATS have become truly evidence-based practitioners and thrived supporting the development of colleagues. Across the wider organisation, we've seen improvement in the quality of teaching and learning and student engagement and outcomes - a measurable impact. ATS is a mark of professionalism and mastery, and as such, can be a driver for positive, organisation-wide change."   
Jeanette Hart, Vice Principal, The Guernsey Institute  
Group of three teachers chatting at an event Previous participants talk about the impact of ATS
“The ATS process has allowed me the time and space to consciously and deliberately invest time in my own teaching practice. I am able to talk confidently and competently about relevant educational research, implementing theoretical recommendations into my practice and sharing these with teachers just starting their own journeys on our ITE (initial teacher education) programmes.”   
Jacqui Browne, FSET ATS, Professional Standards Learning Coach, Lincoln College  

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