My QTLS experience: Alessia Di Meo

What was your motivation for and experience of undertaking QTLS?

I wanted to develop professionally and every time I applied for a job, the employer would ask me at the interview if I held QTLS.

I liked the fact that I was in control of demonstrating my professionalism. This boosted my self-esteem and confidence. The whole experience made me appreciate the importance of developing communities of practice. The tasks were straightforward and there was a useful guideline from The Society for Education and Training (SET) about what was needed. The SET team was always very helpful and responded quickly – making the whole experience a positive one from start to finish.


What support did you have?

My supporter was approachable and guided me in the right direction throughout the process – as well as understanding that I had to find things out for myself.


How has it benefited you and your learners?

It has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone as a teacher and try new ways of working. It has helped me realise the importance of working as a team and sharing ideas to improve. Having achieved QTLS, I am constantly reflecting on how I can continue improving my teaching.

My learners are benefiting from my openness and honesty – and become more motivated when I ask them for their ideas and opinions.


What impact has it had on your practice and your organisation?

I have developed a positive relationship with my learners and my new teaching strategies have allowed me to understand their needs better – for example, giving them more time to answer difficult questions.

My working relationship with colleagues has also improved, as well as higher student retention – and my employer has recognised the hard work and commitment that I have shown with my professional development.


How has QTLS impacted your career?

Before achieving QTLS, I had been unsuccessful at several interviews. I was awarded QTLS in April 2017 and in my last interview, I talked about the QTLS process and how I had developed professionally – as well as my commitment to lifelong learning. I was thrilled to be offered the post of Functional Skills tutor.


What have you learned about yourself?

I must continue to learn new skills – as knowledge is power. Instead of working in isolation, I will strive to learn more from others and share my knowledge with colleagues.


How did your colleagues support you throughout the process?

My colleagues were very supportive and I appreciated their wealth of experience. One of my colleagues is considering applying for QTLS because they now understand its importance.


How will you continue to develop your practice?

I am currently studying a BA degree in Education and I also hope to work towards a Master’s in Education.


What advice would you give teachers/trainers who are thinking about undertaking QTLS?

I would recommend QTLS because it has been very rewarding and fulfilling. Employers are looking for staff who are willing to continue developing professionally – and having the qualification boosts your career prospects.

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