My QTLS experience: Helen Van De Kaa

What was your motivation for undertaking QTLS?

Helen V2One of the main reasons I undertook my QTLS was to enable me to be able to teach in a secondary school environment. I like the fact it allowed me to self-assess my passion for teaching and I could focus on areas I felt needed more development so I could become a better facilitator for learning.


How has QTLS impacted your career?

My QTLS status has given me more confidence to take responsibility for my subject matter and develop the right skills to position me to develop my career to a leadership role.


What impact has it had on your practice and your learners?

Undertaking QTLS has opened up my creativity and allowed me to think about alternative ways to get my learners to engage and learn.


What impact did it have on your organisation?

The biggest impact it has made on my organisation is that it has allowed them to get a better understanding of the QTLS process, as I was the first staff member to do this.


How has it benefited you as a practitioner?

Since I undertook QTLS my organisation has come to me so I can help support other staff members going through the same route.


What do you want to do next and how do you want to develop your role?

I would like to become either 2iC or curriculum lead.


What advice would you give to teachers or trainers who are thinking about undertaking QTLS?

My advice is to make sure you have spoken about it with your organisation and they are ready to fully support you in the process. It’s also a good idea to make sure to read all the help guides that SET provides as they are very useful and answer a lot of questions.

I would also say you should try and speak to someone who has gone through the process already – you will be surprised how many of your friends you have studied with have gone through the same process.

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