My QTLS experience: Jeminiyi Ogunkoya

I am very passionate about my knowledge, skills and competence, and always hungry to learn more. After reflecting on my level of competence and performance in my job role, I concluded that the missing piece of the puzzle was understanding the value of embedding practical knowledge in further education through in-depth teaching and learning.


What did you like about QTLS?

I like the fact that the workbook has different sections to it where you get to reflect on your skills, knowledge and practice, and rate yourself after an evaluation. There is also a section where you work with a mentor who is there to support you throughout the process. I found it extremely useful that everything is online so I could log in at any time.

I was pleased to find out that if I needed to resubmit my workbook there would be constructive feedback analysing any shortfalls that needed to be actioned, as well as someone on the phone who could give me feedback if I needed more support.

Knowledge is power and with my QTLS achievement I feel more confident in my practice and how I support my team. I also have better career prospects if I decide to work in another educational sector or upskill my role to a higher position.


How has it benefited you as a practitioner?

I am now able to give constructive feedback to other team members knowing that what I am saying is a requirement, not just a recommendation. As a result, I have since developed a qualification for my company and lead the internal quality assurance of our training programme.

My organisation is happy it has someone in place who is competent enough to support staff with their qualifications through teaching and learning. I get a respect I did not expect to get after achieving QTLS, I have endless opportunity to upskill into another role and I have gained useful knowledge which will benefit my learners, team, organisation, and myself.

I am also aware that because of my positive experience of undertaking QTLS, some of my colleagues are also looking at registering during the next window.


What do you want to do next and how will you continue to develop your practice?

My ambition for the future is to complete Advanced Teacher Status (ATS). I have already completed my level 7 and I also take part in a teaching and learning networking session where we get to talk about good practice and ways of keeping up-to-date with the Professional Standards.


What is your advice to anyone who is considering QTLS?

I would say to anyone who is considering undertaking QTLS that it is a status that will make you feel more confident, effective and competent in your role. Your chances of getting a better job role or upskilling after achieving QTLS is inevitable and the benefits are endless. Ultimately it puts into context all your hard work of knowledge, management and development.

Being a SET member is an absolute honour; the training opportunities are an effective tool for keeping my knowledge up-to-date and accessing a wide range of other benefits.

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