My QTLS experience: Rebecca Atwell

What motivated you to undertake Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) and how did you find the process? 

I wanted to put the learning I had done on my PGCE into practice and to complete my professional formation journey. 

I enjoyed doing the mini-research projects, and testing out new activities and approaches with my learners. It was good to see some of the theory working in practice. I also enjoyed being able to share my findings with colleagues and providing them with resources to help in their teaching.  


What has undertaking QTLS taught you about yourself? 

That I enjoy stretching myself and challenging the way I do things to try and improve my practice. It has also taught me that I need to keep trying new approaches and that everything can always be improved upon. 


What impact has QTLS had on your practice, learners and organisation? 

Achieving QTLS has changed how I teach and develop some of the core skills in my subject and has made the process more explicit for my learners. It has helped me develop stronger relationships with my colleagues and lead practitioners in my department and has improved the way I mentor other teachers.  


What are you going to do next and how will you continue to develop your practice? 

I have started teaching A Level English this year and have brought the practice of researching and trialling new approaches into my practice at this higher level. In future I would like to do more research into how to develop writing skills at both GCSE and A Level, as it is an area I feel is still underdeveloped at both levels.  


Finally, please tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I used to live in Brazil and have a large collection of flip-flops! 

Tutor and Student In English Lesson

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