QTLS registration

The registration window for professional formation leading to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status is now open until 30 September 2021.

To complete your QTLS registration you need to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria by completing our online Eligibility Checker and be a SET Member.


If you are already a SET member:

  • Log into your SET dashboard
  • Visit the My Professional Status section of your dashboard where you will see a link directing you to complete the QTLS Eligibility Checker
  • After completing the Eligibility Checker, if you are eligible to undertake QTLS, you will be directed to a page where you can complete your QTLS registration.


If you are not yet a SET member:

  • Check your eligibility against our guidance
  • Join SET
  • Complete the online Eligibility Checker 
  • After completing the Eligibility Checker, if you are eligible to undertake QTLS, you will be directed to a page with a link to Join SET before completing your QTLS registration.


If you are not currently eligible

If you complete the Eligibility Checker and you are not currently eligible to undertake QTLS, you will be directed to a page showing the reason(s) that you are not eligible. Read our full eligibility guidance to learn what you need to do to be eligible.

Paying for QTLS

QTLS costs £490. You can either make a single payment of £490 by debit or credit card, or pay a deposit of £115 by debit/credit card followed by three direct debit payments of £125.


Preparing for QTLS

You may like to spend some time over the next month familiarising yourself with what is involved in the professional formation programme. 

Here are some links to information we suggest you read in advance:

  • What is involved in the professional formation journey 
  • Explore the Professional Standards Research tool 
  • Have a look at the online self-assessment tool and start reflecting on current strengths and areas for development.  Please be aware that the self-assessment will need to be completed within your portfolio in due course, not in your SET dashboard
  • Browse SET’s online research library accessible from your SET dashboard under the CPD Resources tab for inspiration and ideas   
  • You will also need to nominate your supporter (mentor) and contact them to ensure they are able to commit to that role.  Here is a useful guide for supporters, which outlines their roles and responsibilities
  • You may also want to signpost your supporter to the ETF coaching and mentoring programme. This programme is suitable for both new and experienced mentorsPlaces are now full, however if you wish to receive information about future programmes or to receive the resources we are developing, please complete this short survey.   

Maintaining SET membership is a requirement for undertaking QTLS. Like many other professional membership bodies, you must maintain an active SET membership, even post award as failure to do so would mean that you no longer appear on the professional status register and your QTLS status would be inactive.    

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