How the Professional Standards can help you

As a member of SET, it is important that you show you are continually developing and maintaining a high level of professionalism in order to retain your membership status.

We appreciate this can be difficult; you may be struggling to understand what areas of your practice you need to improve or feel unsure how, and if, you need to raise your level of professionalism.

The ETF Professional Standards is designed to help you answer those questions so that you can critically assess your own practice to identify areas on which to focus your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

By following the Professional Standards you will maintain and improve your standard of teaching and improve the outcome for those you teach.

If you’re a trainee teacher, you can use the standards to benchmark yourself against other teachers and trainers. Assessing yourself against the Professional Standards can also help you achieve success in gaining your qualification or status.

87 per cent of our members said that the Professional Standards made a difference to their professional practice.


How are you performing?

Not sure how to compare your practice against the Professional Standards?

Our online self-assessment tool is a quick and easy way to see how you are currently performing. Unlike competencies, the standards can be reassessed at any point on your professional journey.

Don’t worry if you do not rate yourself highly against every standard, a spiky profile is normal.


Group Of Teachers In A Meeting With A Laptop

Professional Standards Framework Guide to self-assessment

Read the ETF’s handy guide to self assessment in the Professional Standards Framework - it will help you review each standard against where you are on your journey.

Read the self-assessment guide

Access enhanced resources

Our Professional Standards Research Tool is a great way to access enhanced resources to help with your continuing development. Access blogs, papers, videos, posters and much more on each of the 20 standards.

We highly recommend using the tool if you are undertaking Qualified Teacher Learning Skills (QTLS) and Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) as the resources have been designed to support you throughout your journey. However, the tool is open to everyone.

View the complete list of the 20 Professional Standards.

Group Work At A Teacher Training Session

Professional Standards in action Using the Professional Standards

Learn from the experiences of others and how they have embedded the Professional Standards in their own professional development and organisational development.

Professional Standards Stories

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