Apply for ATS

You can submit your application for the next cohort of ATS between 1 April 2021 – 31 August 2021. 

If you have not previously been awarded QTLS or QTS you can now apply for ATS. Please read the eligibilty guidelines to find out more

If you are interested in applying for ATS, these are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Join as a member of SET - if you are not one already.
  2. Check you meet the eligibility criteria
  3. Download and complete an ATS Application Form (available from 01 April 2021)

As well as fully answering all questions on the form, you will also be expected to upload the following evidence to upload the following evidence to support your application: 

  1. Your CV.
  2. One or two Supporting Testimonies forms.
  3. A copy of your current teaching timetable (highlighting your access to a minimum of eight hours post-14 teaching)
  4. A copy of your Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training or equivalent certificate.
  5. A copy of your subject specialism qualification certificate
  6. if you teach maths and/or English, please also provide a copy of your Level 3 or above qualification certificate/s. 
  7. if you have not previously achieved QTLS/QTS you will also need to provide evidence of English and maths qualifications at or above Level 2.  

We aim to provide feedback on your application within four weeks, with each application reviewed by a panel at the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). Application forms are reviewed against a pre-determined set of criteria to ensure a consistent and fair approach to all applicants. Portfolios are issued on 4 October 2021 as per our programme timeline. 

Please ensure you read the ATS terms and conditions before submitting your application

What to expect after you apply 

Once the application window has closed, applications will be reviewed during September 2021. Notification of the outcome will be sent to applicants by the end of September. The portfolio will be issued on 4 October 2021 and an introductory webinar will take place shortly after. The process lasts 12 months, so completion will be the end of September 2022. 

Support policy and reasonable adjustments

Download the QTLS and ATS reasonable adjustments policy.

Download the QTLS and ATS supports policy.

Fees for ATS

The cost of undertaking ATS is £750. Payment can be made in direct debit instalments with an initial payment of just £150 required on acceptance of a place followed by six payments of £100. 

ATS portfolio requirements 

Significant professional development activity will be core to the process, which is underpinned by the 20 Professional Standards - a framework developed by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) for teachers and trainers to critically appraise their own practice and improve their teaching through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Sections of the online portfolio will include the following:

  • Introduction: Your role and responsibilities, motivation for undertaking ATS and evidence you meet the entry criteria. 
  • Professional development plan: A self-assessment to identify professional standard focus, rationale and anticipated impact of the professional development.
  • Improvement project or case study: Documenting professional development activity undertaken during the process relevant to the mandatory Professional Standards, and other specialist standards relevant to your area of focus.
  • Case studies, reports and research: The positive impact of the process on others in your organisation, and your organisation's quality improvement strategy, supported by evidence of your mastery in teaching or training.
  • Final action plan: Demonstrating how you will continue to develop your practice on achievement of ATS. 

ATS deadlines for each stage

Please refer to the below timetable for further information.

*Update on the ATS 2020 deadline 

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are extending the submission deadline to Thursday 17 December 2020. The review of the portfolios will take place in January 2021 and the results will be released in February 2021. 

You are no longer expected to submit by 30 September 2020. If you have completed and submitted your portfolio by the end of September 2020, your submission is accepted, but will only be reviewed in January 2021 with the rest of the cohort.  

Note, the observation of online teaching is accepted. Equally, your coaching/mentoring sessions may take place online. If you are still teaching or training in an organisation that remains open, you can be observed with a group of learners or colleagues in person, ensuring the government guidelines regarding social distancing are followed at all times. 

Participants who cannot submit by 17 December 2020 at 5pm will be required to re-start in October 2021 with a new portfolio free of charge. As 'currency' is one of the key elements of the Advanced Teacher Status, the revised deadline cannot be further extended without compromising the high standards required, as the evidence produced at the beginning of your journey would have lost its currency should further extensions be implemented. We hope that these adjustments help you complete your ATS journey.

  Stage 1   Stage 2 Stage 3   Stage 4
Programme Application registration Portfolios issued Deadline for submitted completed portfolio Portfolios reviewed Results released Deadline for resubmission (if applicable)
ATS 5 1 Apr – 31 Aug 2019 5 Oct 2019 5pm, 17 Dec 2020* Jan 2021 22 Feb 2021 5pm, 31 Mar 2021
ATS 6 6 Apr - 13 Sept 2020 1 Oct  2020 5pm, 30 Sept 2021 Oct 2021 10 Nov 2021 5pm, 31 Mar 2022 
ATS 7 1 Apr - 31 Aug 2021  4 Oct 2021 30 Sept 2022 Oct 2022 9 Nov 2022 tbc

Completing ATS

1. Review of your portfolio

After you have submitted your completed portfolio to SET, it will be reviewed by a member of SET’s highly experienced team of reviewers.

A team of moderators will ensure consistency in the judgements made by reviewers, as well as in the
quality of the ATS portfolio. Your portfolio will be reviewed against three broad criteria:

  • Authenticity: does the evidence appear to be authentic?
  • Sufficiency: is the evidence sufficient to award ATS.
  • Reliability: is the evidence included relevant to the applicant
    and their role?

Written feedback will be provided by SET reviewers. If the evidence in your portfolio demonstrates you have met the ATS criteria, your reviewer will recommend that you should be awarded with ATS, subject to a viva interview, and this will be confirmed to you by email. Otherwise you will be asked to make modifications to your portfolio.

2. Viva interview

If your portfolio has been recommended for the award of ATS, you will be invited to a viva interview, held in London.

The viva will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your year’s development with the ATS lead moderator and a Head of one of the ETF’s programmes. This interview can alternatively take place via Skype. Participants must pass the viva interview in order to be awarded with ATS.

3. Results

If your viva interview is successful, you will be notified that you have achieved ATS. Your certificate will be mailed out to you. 

Support for participants during the process

Participants will be supported throughout the process by a mentor. Ideally, the mentor should be a more experienced colleague working in their organisation or professional network. Alternatively, you can request a mentor from SET. It remains your responsibility to nominate a mentor before starting your portfolio. 

The role of the mentor will include:

  • supporting you in scoping your professional development plan
  • providing support with action planning
  • providing support during the process through professional discussion
  • writing a supporting statement once you have completed their portfolio. 

Mentors are encouraged to undertake SET’s online mentoring programme.

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