ATS Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for those who are undertaking or have undertaken the Developmental process leading to Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) starting in October 2020

Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) Terms and Conditions for cohort 6 starting in October 2020


Terms and conditions for those who are undertaking Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) in the fifth cohort ending in December 2020.

By registering to undertake Advanced Teacher Status (“ATS”), you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. SET reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Members will be given 14 days’ notice by email of any changes.

1. Non-financial obligations

1.1. You must be a member of the Society for Education and Training (“SET”) to undertake ATS and are therefore bound by SET’s Code of Professional Practice and Conditions of Membership, which may be updated from time to time.

1.2. Upon joining or renewing membership to SET and registering for ATS, you must complete a Declaration of Suitability. Any misleading information may be regarded as a breach of the Code of Professional Practice. SET may refuse or delay registration or renewal if it needs to clarify information provided.

1.3. SET will provide all members undertaking ATS with a workbook, access to online guidance and support on the SET website and customer support.

1.4. All ATS applicants require a Mentor (“Mentor”). It is the member’s responsibility to arrange this. In some circumstances, SET may be able to help arrange a Mentor, but cannot guarantee this. Information about the role of the Mentor can be found on the SET website.

2. Payment

2.1. The standard price for undertaking ATS is £760. 

2.2. Payment can be made in direct debit instalments with an initial payment of just £160 required on acceptance of a place followed by six payments of £100.

2.3. Payment by the individual can be made with a debit or credit card over the phone. Requests for employer invoices should be sent to

2.4. The Fee is non-refundable, except as per item 3.6 of these terms and conditions.

2.5. Confirmation of payments will be sent to the member’s email address from

3. Application and eligibility

3.1. Members of SET can apply to undertake ATS as part of the fifth cohort between April and August 2019.

3.2. Applying for ATS does not automatically guarantee you a place on the fifth cohort.

3.3. SET will review all applications and will allocate places on the fifth cohort taking into account:

3.3.1. The eligibility of individuals to participate as per the criteria in item 3.4 of these terms and conditions

3.3.2. The date on which individuals applied (allocation on a first come, first served basis)

3.3.3. Ensuring the cohort represents the breadth of the further education and training sector.

3.4. In order to undertake ATS, an individual must meet the eligibility criteria as outlined on the SET website.

3.5. In addition, members who have been accepted to undertake ATS must complete a Declaration of Suitability, as per item 1.2 in these terms and conditions.

3.6. SET reserves the right to refuse an application, for example if there is evidence that the member is not eligible to undertake ATS or if an individual is deemed unsuitable for membership under SET’s Code of Practice. Where this is after payment of the Deposit or Full Fee has been taken, a full refund will be given.

3.7. SET will confirm whether or not an individual’s application onto the fifth cohort of ATS has been successful. This correspondence will be sent to the member’s email address.

3.8. SET will not be able to provide feedback on why the member’s application was unsuccessful beyond the information given in the email outlined in item 3.7.

4. Completion and submission of your application

4.1. The submission deadline for the fifth cohort of ATS will be confirmed shortly.

4.2. To submit their workbook, members will need to have: fully completed their workbook and shared it with SET.

4.3. All participants will be required to attend a viva event once they have submitted their workbook for review. This will take place at the Education and Training Foundation’s offices in Central London. SET may exceptionally approve that participants can attend by video conference. Applications must be made to the Head of ATS.

4.4. If participants wish to notify SET of any disability or request adjustments on account of a disability for their viva event, they should contact us by email SET with details of their disability and any additional arrangements that are required. This information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than the viva event.

4.5. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they have provided all of the evidence required to meet the criteria for ATS as per the guidance on the SET website.

4.6. If the member is unable to meet the submission deadline, part 5 of these terms and conditions applies.

5. Extension to submission deadline

5.1. An extension to the submission deadline may be granted to a member under some exceptional circumstances that are out of their control.

5.2. Examples of exceptional circumstances applicable in item 5.1:

5.2.1. Serious ongoing technical issues beyond the members control, and identified more than five working days before the submission deadline.

5.2.2. Illness, accident or severe trauma or an unexpected deterioration in an ongoing illness or chronic medical condition of the member or a person for whom them member has caring responsibility. Minor ailments and conditions that have prevented a member from submitting on time are allowable.

5.2.3. Recent bereavement of someone close to the applicant

5.2.4. Serious personal disruption such as burglary, fire or requirement to appear in court in the lead up to the submission deadline.

5.2.5. Significant change of employment circumstances.

5.3. SET may request evidence to substantiate a request for an extension.

5.4. Any circumstances outside of those listed above with be considered on a case-by-case basis by SET.

5.5. The length of the extension will be no more than three months after the original submission deadline and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

5.6. The member should apply for an extension ahead of the submission deadline by email to, no later than six weeks before the deadline. When they have been prevented from submitting a request before the submission deadline by the same unforeseen event, they can apply for an extension up to five working days after the submission deadline.

5.7. When a request for an extension is made before the submission deadline, efforts will be made by SET to respond to the request before that deadline, wherever possible.

5.8. SET will consider the situation of members who do not submit their application with or without an extension in place on a case-by-case basis.

6. Review, moderation and results

6.1. Workbooks are reviewed by reviewers and moderators.

6.2. Members will be informed of their result via email within four weeks of the viva referred to in item 4.4.

6.3. Members who are awarded ATS will be emailed an electronic copy of their certificate within two weeks of being awarded. A hard copy certificate will be mailed to members within three months of being awarded.

6.4. Members whose workbooks do not meet the criteria will have the opportunity to add the additional evidence required and re-submit once only. Detailed feedback to support this will be given. Members who are required to re-submit their workbook will be advised of their resubmission deadline by the ATS moderator. The deadline will be dependent on whether minor or major modifications to the workbook are required. There is no charge for a re-submission, unless major modifications are required to be made to the workbook, in which case a fee of £50 will be charged.  

6.5. Where a member cannot provide the additional evidence, or if the workbook more fundamentally fails to meet the criteria, SET will not be able to award ATS.

6.6. If there are concerns about a member's suitability arising from their submission for ATS (for example an allegation of plagiarism) and no decision as to whether or not to award ATS has yet been made, the Membership Procedures will apply and a decision as to whether or not to award ATS will be deferred until the conclusion of the Membership Procedures.

6.7. If a member disagrees with the decision not to award ATS, they should write to SET with a clear explanation as to why this is the case, including any relevant background information. This should be sent to SET will respond in writing.

6.8. If the member still disagrees with the decision, they can request an appeal by forwarding to SET their grounds for appeal. These will be considered by the ATS Registrar, Head of ATS and Director of Membership and if it is agreed by them that there are sufficient grounds for further discussion, an appeals panel will be convened. The panel will comprise the ATS Registrar, member(s) of the SET Board and at least two members of SET. The purpose of the appeals meeting will be to ensure that in reaching its decision in relation to the member, SET reached an appropriate decision. The member lodging the appeal will not be required to attend the panel meeting but will be invited to submit any further information for consideration, and will be informed of the outcome within three working days of the panel meeting. The panel can decide to either uphold the original decision, or overturn the original decision and grant ATS status.

6.9. Where a decision has been made not to award ATS and, prior to the determination of any appeal under clauses 6.7 and 6.8 above (the appeal procedures), a member is subject to proceedings under the Membership Procedures, the appeal procedures will not have an effect unless and until  a final decision is made to take no action against the member. If it is held that the member is guilty of breaching the Code of Practice, then the member will need to apply to restart the process of Professional Formation. That will not be possible until, in the event that they are removed as a member of SET, they are readmitted; or, in the event that they are suspended, that suspension comes to an end and they are entitled to resume normal membership.

7. Suspension and removal of ATS status

7.1. Where a member is subject to the Membership Procedures and SET considers that the information received may give rise to a concern about a member's suitability to hold ATS status, it may consider that issue at the same time.

7.2. Where clause 7.1 of these terms and conditions applies, the following shall apply in respect of the Membership Procedures, to the extent that they relate to the member's suitability to hold ATS status:

7.2.1. any reference to "member" shall also refer to "member holder of ATS status";

7.2.2. any reference to "membership" shall also refer to "holding ATS status as a member";

7.2.3. any reference to "suspension" shall also refer to "suspension of ATS status"; and

7.2.4. any reference to "removal" shall also refer to "removal of ATS status".

and be construed accordingly.

7.3. Where, in respect of a holder of ATS status who is not a member ("a non-member holder"), SET:

7.3.1. receives information that may give rise to a concern about a non-member holder's suitability to hold ATS status; or

7.3.2. itself considers there to be information that may give rise to a concern about a non-member holder's suitability to hold ATS status;

Paragraphs 6 to 108 of the Membership Procedures shall apply.

7.4. Where clause 7.3 of these terms and conditions applies, the following shall apply in respect of the Membership Procedures:

7.4.1. any reference to "member" shall refer to "non-member holder of ATS status";

7.4.2. any reference to "membership" shall refer to "holding ATS status as a non-member";

7.4.3. any reference to "suspension" shall refer to "suspension of ATS status"; and

7.4.4. any reference to "removal" shall refer to "removal of ATS status; and be construed accordingly.

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