Guidance for headteachers and initial teacher educators

QTLS holders teaching in state maintained schools

We receive many queries about Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status and how this status relates to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and we hope the following information will be helpful.

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Parity with QTS

After completing professional formation, as a SET member you will need to remain a member of SET in order to maintain the currency of the status and its parity with QTS. 

As a SET member who holds QTLS, your name will be included on our Professional Register as a way of proving your status to prospective employers and demonstrating your ongoing commitment to professional development. You can also use your QTLS certificate and up-to-date SET membership card as evidence of your current QTLS status.

Lapsed SET members do not lose their QTLS status. However, their names will no longer appear on the Professional Register and their QTLS will no longer be considered current. 

Read more about the parity between QTS and QTLS.

How to get your Teacher Reference Number (TRN)

You will need to ask a representative from the school where you are teaching to contact Capita Teachers' Pensions to request that a Teacher Reference Number is allocated to you. Your employer should know how to do this via the Capita employer portal. Capita will then contact SET to confirm the date when QTLS was awarded to you, so that a reference number can be allocated. Please note that SET plays no role in providing Teacher Reference Numbers.

If an employer requires a Teacher Reference Number (TRN) for a QTLS qualified teacher, they need to contact Capita Teachers’ Pensions.

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