Acceptable file formats

The workbook supports most commonly used file formats which include, but are not limited to:

Text files

DOC or DOCX (Microsoft Word); PDF (Portable Document Format); RTF (Rich Text Format); TXT (Plain Text File); ODF (Open Document Format); GDOC (Google Drive Document). Text can be entered directly into the text boxes within the workbook or saved to a Word document and copied and pasted directly into the relevant sections of the workbook.


XLS or XLSX (Excel Spreadsheets); GSHEET (Google Drive Spreadsheet).

Image files

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group); TIFF (Tagged Image File Format); PNG (Portable Network Graphics); GDRAW (Google Drive Drawing).

Media files

MP3; WAV; MPEG; MP4; WMV; AVI; PowerPoint; GSLIDES (Google Drive Slides).


ZIP (Compressed Zip Folders) can be uploaded to the workbook.

Scanned Documents

Scanned documents saved as text, image or PDF file formats can be uploaded to the workbook.


Hyperlinks can be created to pages or assets within the workbook. Hyperlinks to external sources may also be included.

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