Stage 2 - Completing your online workbook

Find out more about how to complete your online workbook. 

After you have paid your deposit, you will be able to access your online workbook in My QTLS/REfLECT+  and embark upon the application process by completing your narrative pages and adding supportive evidence. 

For more information about how to use your online workbook and the evidence requirements, please visit the Guidance on completing your application page.

Professional Formation 

It is important that you check all supporting evidence and certificates are added to your workbook before you share your application with SET as these cannot be added once you have shared it. Please refer to and use the Professional Formation Mandatory Evidence Checklist.

The online workbook enables you to add evidence from a wide variety of sources to support your application, such as audio, video, scanned documents and peer reviews. The key elements to include in your portfolio are:

  • An introduction about your career to date and current role and responsibilities.
  • Self assessment.
  • Professional development plan.
  • CPD record.
  • Critical reflection.
  • Final action plan.

You will need to nominate a supporter (or mentor) at the beginning of the process. Your supporter will be able to provide you with feedback during the process, as well as write your supporting statement.

 For more information about your supporter please read our Guidance for Supporters document.

Scanning your materials

Some scanned materials are difficult to read, either because of the size of the print or the angle at which it was displayed. Therefore, please pay attention to file sizes and ensure that whatever you scan is actually legible. You can easily do this by taking a digital photograph of any evidence.

How do I complete professional formation in an alternative format?

We strongly recommend that you complete this process through My QTLS, SET's online personal learning tool for QTLS applicants. 

The alternative format route can only be approved if you have a disability or are unable to access technology because you work in a secure working environment. 

If accepted, you will then be able to continue with your application in an alternative format, that is, paper-based or through email attachments.

Stage 3 - reviewing your application and awarding the licence >>


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