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Benefits and the cost of QTLS

Benefits and the cost of QTLS

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) is the badge of professionalism for post-16 education and training, helping practitioners advance in their careers and demonstrate their expertise and experience to colleagues, employers and learners. SET members can gain QTLS by successfully completing professional formation.

Professional formation is a process that enables you to demonstrate the effective use of skills and knowledge in your professional practice that is required to achieve Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).

The Education and Training Foundation is the only organisation that confers QTLS status following the transfer of IfL's legacy in October 2014. We have had a number of queries about Associate Teacher Learning and Skills (ATLS) status.  Although ATLS is not currently on offer during this transition phase, we will be reviewing the case for making this opportunity available to members in due course.

What are the benefits of gaining QTLS status?

More than 20,000 have achieved QTLS status since its introduction in 2008:

  • QTLS status is recognised in law as equal to QTS for teaching in schools.
  • Career progression: QTLS status demonstrates your commitment, skills and knowledge to employers.
  • Recognition of your status as a professional teacher or trainer.
  • Valuable continuing professional development (CPD) that builds confidence and enhances your skills.
  • Members with QTLS can use these initials as a designation.


More information about eligibility guidance for undertaking professional formation leading to QTLS can be found on the QTLS eligibility page.

Costs and commitments: professional formation

The cost of undertaking professional formation leading to QTLS is £485. 

You can make payment in two instalments:

  • First instalment of £100 at the point of registration (non-refundable)
  • Final instalment of £385 upon completion of the registration and before sharing your completed online workbook with SET.

The professional formation process requires you to complete an online workbook in My QTLS/REfLECT+. The time taken to complete this process and achieve QTLS status will be determined by your individual circumstances. For example, level of experience or work commitments. Therefore, SET has taken a flexible approach to professional formation with a number of application windows open each year.

Costs and commitments: recognition route

You have to be a SET member to register for professional formation, and to keep your QTLS current and up-to-date following the period of professional formation.

View SET's membership fees on the subscriptions page.

The time taken to complete SET's recognition route process will be determined by each individual's circumstances (for example, length of experience, full-time, part-time, fractional or sessional role and in-service training). SET has therefore taken a flexible, pragmatic approach to the recognition route.

There are two packages available for members to complete the recognition route:

Recognition route only: undertake the recognition route process separately to professional formation leading to QTLS.



Payment at the point of application

Payment on or before completion of online workbook


Recognition route only




Professional formation leading to QTLS





Recognition route combined with QTLS: giving a saving of £100.


Payment at the point of application

Payment on or before completion of online workbook


Recognition route combined with QTLS



= £734