What is a podcast, webinar and webchat?

Confused about the difference between a podcast, webinar and webchat? Find out more about the different digital experiences available on the SET website, giving you exclusive access to the latest news and information, member experiences, information and CPD opportunities.


What is a podcast? 

A podcast is a recorded audio file you can download or stream via a digital device or MP3 player. Podcasts are pre-recorded and can be edited or recorded as live discussions – to put it simply, they are audio on-demand. Podcasts are a convenient way of consuming information on-the-go, whether you are travelling, working out, or you want to learn new things and be entertained without having to look at a screen.


How can I listen and subscribe to the SET Podcast? 

  1. Open iTunes to download and subscribe to the SET Podcast. Put your mouse over the title and click 'play' (You will need iTunes installed on your computer or mobile device to subscribe.)  
  2. Visit our SET Podcast section to find the audio podcast embedded onto the relevant page
  3. Follow our SoundCloud page to find the latest uploads 
  4. Add our feed manually to any podcatcher by copying and pasting the following RSS feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:295387915/sounds.rss 

How to listen to an iTunes podcast on Android 

Download and install Podcast Republic by searching for 'iTunes podcast' in the Play Store. When you select the episode you will be asked to 'Add Url' and click on 'Done', which will then take you to the audio. You can also use the app Podbean, which works in a similar way.  



What is a webinar? 

‘Webinar’ simply means ‘web seminar’; it is a live or on-demand meeting, taking place on the internet. It can be a discussion, lecture, conference, presentation, or demonstration. Participants can see documents (usually slides) and other applications via their computer. There will also be shared audio, so you can hear the presenter (and can also hear other participants, too, if it’s a discussion).


How can I join a SET webinar? 

SET webinars are currently available on-demand, meaning that you can listen to it at your own convenience. Visit the SET website to find out about upcoming webinars. You may also be notified about upcoming or recently recorded webinars via email or social media alerts. 

To join a SET webinar you need to: 

  1. Visit the relevant webinar page on the SET website
  2. Log in on the SET website as a SET member – webinars are generally available to SET members only
  3. Click on the link asking you to register for the on-demand webinar
  4. Fill out your registration details
  5. Confirm and submit your information
  6. Join the event (you can also test out your connection, view FAQs and add it to your calendar) 


What is a webchat? 

A webchat is a live online-only event (no audio), which is hosted via social media or a dedicated online forum. Please note that SET webchats are different to our live chat service, which is a customer service providing membership enquiries support to SET members.


How can I join a SET webchat? 

SET’s webchats are hosted on our Facebook SET Webchat group, via an event page. Live webchats enable participants to ask questions in real-time, with hosts responding with written interactions on each thread, adding links to relevant websites and signposting. 

To join a live webchat you need to: 

  1. Join the SET Facebook Webchat page (non members are welcome; however, written transcripts will only be available to SET members after the event)
  2. Accept the invite to an upcoming event (as an approved member of the group, you will see this in your notifications when it is published). Find out what events are taking place by visiting the Communities section of the website
  3. Facebook will alert you to the event with an online reminder on the day itself. If you are a regular visitor to the SET Facebook page, Twitter account or SET website, you will find related promotion and updates leading up to the webchat
  4. Once the event goes live, you can start posting your questions on the event page wall, where one of the hosts will respond appropriately