Accessibility-themed modules added on enhance digital teaching platform

A new batch of bite-sized EdTech training modules on the theme of Accessibility have been launched on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform, the Education and Training Foundation’s (ETF’s) EdTech training service.

These free resources not only offer concise information about different aspects of accessibility, but also provide guidance on how to design learning and assessment activities that are inclusive.

The 11 new modules all focus on element F – accessibility and inclusion – of the Education and Training Foundation’s Digital Teaching Professional Framework (DTPF), the national EdTech competency framework.

The modules are: learning benefits of text to speech; what is assistive technology; creating inclusive content – principles; creating inclusive content – practice; accommodating the learner’s digital context; equitable access to digital technologies; influencing and promoting policy for equitable access; making learning accessible – a whole organisation approach; supporting special learning needs; learning for independent living; bring your own device (BYOD) – teaching strategies.

The new modules bring the total number of bite-size training modules on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform to 51, with 49 more modules in the pipeline. In total, there will be 100 EdTech training modules on the platform by the end of March 2020, covering all aspects of the DTPF competency framework, which is now available in interactive form on the platform. That means users can click and see which training module can support development of their competency in each area of the framework.

In September, the Foundation also launched a management dashboard giving learning providers a means of harnessing all the free EdTech training resources on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform as part of a managed staff CPD strategy.

For more information and to access the new Accessibility modules, visit the Enhance website.