Positive feedback for understanding T Levels events

The value of activity designed to help those who will implement and deliver T Levels understand the new courses and what they will mean for them and their learners has been confirmed by feedback from participants.

Reflection from teachers, leaders, support staff, governors and governance professionals who have taken part in the face-to-face activities and webinars, has identified a range of practical actions they will take as a result of attending one of the events. Many indicated that the sessions they had attended would significantly impact on their planning for T Levels, with one saying they would form a planning group, another that they would be reviewing infrastructure requirements, and others reporting that information would be fed into colleagues’ discussions.

It was also clear that many participants would be sharing intelligence with, and creating resources for, colleagues following the events. Attendees said this would be achieved by disseminating resources introduced at events and creating specific resources for staff providing careers advice so that they can effectively advise students.

The events had also achieved their objective of engendering a much stronger comprehension of T Levels, with participants reporting that they now understood the structure of the new courses and had gained an insight into how assessment and grading will work. The opportunity to collaborate and discuss with colleagues from other institutions about the challenges ahead was also identified as very valuable. Overall, responses indicated, the courses had increased individuals’ knowledge, confidence and ability to explain T Levels.

Previously-held webinars aimed at individuals in various job functions remain available to watch again on the ETF’s Foundation Online Learning site.

These, and other TLPD CPD activities, are listed on the ETF's T Level Professional Development webpage. There is no charge for ESFA-funded providers to attend events. For further information, you can sign up to receive the ETF’s fortnightly TLPD bulletin.