Second cohort of Advanced Teacher Status attainers announced

The second cohort of individuals to gain Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) has been announced following the conclusion of their viva interviews.

Twenty-one teachers and trainers have gained ATS, bringing the total number of holders to 49. They work in Further Education across the length and breadth of the country and are drawn from colleges, schools, training providers, local authorities and prisons.

Our congratulations go to: Bev Beaukes, David Brook, Stacey Bullock, Marilyn Carthy, Katy Dennis, Michael Dixon, Clare Fisher, Nichola Holmes, Robert Hunter, Matthew Jenkins, Irena Kettles, Kathryn Langford, Pamela Lavender, Stacey Mann, Ruksana Patel, Angela Reay, Kaye Rogers, Alan Shorter, Ann Solomon, Penelope Taylor and Katie Wilden.

Reflecting on their achievement, new ATS holders said that gaining the status had been a challenging but rewarding experience that had given them the opportunity to develop and showcase their pedagogical mastery. They also highlighted that undertaking ATS had helped them support the development of colleagues and contribute to quality improvement within their organisation or network.

Gaining ATS is a significant achievement. To apply to be able to undertake it, candidates must already hold either Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) or Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and have held their initial teacher education qualification for a minimum of four years. It requires individuals to demonstrate they are practising at the level of an advanced professional in relation to the 20 Professional Standards, which span professional values, knowledge and understanding and skills. The status is conferred by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

Tricia Odell, Head of ATS and QTLS, said: “Achieving ATS demonstrates an individual’s commitment to both their own professionalism and the promotion of excellent practice across Further Education. It also underlines a practitioner’s dedication to ensuring the best possible outcomes for learners. Those who have achieved this distinction as part of the second tranche of practitioners to do so are part of a very select group and can be very proud. Our congratulations go to all those celebrating their newly-achieved status.”