The ETF supports post-16 education and skills report on achieving net zero

The lifelong learning charity, Campaign for Learning, has today published a report on the role of post-16 education and skills on achieving net zero, featuring recommendations from the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) on sustainable development in the Further Education (FE) sector.

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In April 2021, the UK Government announced it would set the world’s most ambitious climate change target into law to reduce emissions by 78 per cent by 2035 compared to 1990 levels.

The 71-page report, 'Net Zero – the role of post-16 education and skills, offers contributions and recommendations from a variety of stakeholders in response to every national and state in the world signing up to achieve net zero by 2050.

Key themes include the challenges and opportunities facing the sector, green jobs and green skills, apprenticeships, employability programmes and green jobs, post-16 providers, and a green curriculum for post-16 education.

As the expert body for professional development and standards in FE across England, the ETF is working with other sector bodies to develop an Education Sustainable Development (ESD) strategy so it can design, develop and deliver Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for staff in different roles from across the sector to support ESD uptake.

“To meet our national and global sustainability goals, both the education and employment landscape is going to change dramatically,” says Charlotte Bonner, National Head of Education for Sustainable Development at the ETF, who contributed to the report with a piece titled ‘Education for Sustainable Development and the Further Education Workforce’.

The FE sector has a vital role and there are significant implications and opportunities for the sector workforce,” she adds.

Download the report by visiting the Campaign for Learning website and follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #NetZero #NetZeroPost16EducationSkills.

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The Campaign for Learning works for social and economic inclusion through learning. The charity works with partners to research, design and deliver innovative programmes and approaches that support people wherever they are to access life-changing learning opportunities.