My QTLS experience: Ellie Gills

What motivated you to undertake professional formation leading to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status? 

I decided to undertake QTLS status as I wanted to ensure I was a confident teacher and practitioner. I also wanted to improve my knowledge and skills in alignment with the Education and Training Foundation’s Professional Standards by undertaking professional development courses. 

Ellie Gills

How did you find the process and what did you like about it? 

I really enjoyed the process and thought it was well organised. I enjoyed completing my profile online and found it easy to navigate. I liked that I was able to meet with my mentor and have regular check-ins about how I was progressing with my portfolio. I felt really supported. 


What has undertaking QTLS taught you about yourself? 

Undertaking QTLS has made me realise that I can be a confident and professional practitioner. Before achieving QTLS status I did not believe in myself, but I now undertake regular CPD and constantly want to improve my teaching practice for myself and my students.  


What impact has QTLS had on your practice and learners? 

Achieving QTLS status has allowed my confidence in my practice to grow. I feel more inspired to try new activities with my learners, and I believe that my students are more engaged in lessons and feeling more inspired. 


What impact has QTLS had on your organisation? 

I have been able to share my learnings with my faculty and colleagues. I have also been able to recognise my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher and where I need to improve. 

What are you going to do next and how will you continue to develop your practice? 

I am going to regularly ask for feedback in my observations and undertake regular continued CPD to improve my knowledge and improve my practice as a teacher. I want to implement innovative and engaging activities into my practice to improve students’ understanding. 


What advice would you give teachers/trainers who are thinking of undertaking QTLS? 

I would recommend completing the programme; I believe it offers so many opportunities and allows you to grow as a teacher, a professional and as an individual. 

Teacher And Student In An Art Class At A Desk

QTLS registration opens on 14 August

QTLS is a Professional Status recognised in the Education sector, which is gained after successfully completing a six-month period of Professional Formation. The programme enables you to show your progression and commitment to excellence within the Further Education and Training sector. 

QTLS registration