My QTLS experience: Rebecca Waller-Brown

What motivated you to undertake Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)? 

My motivation had been driven by a passion for education, a commitment to continuous professional development, a focus on enhancing the student experience, and the opportunity to collaborate with fellow educators. Looking for personal growth, by pursuing Professional Formation leading to QTLS status, my aim was to broaden my horizons, refine my teaching skills, and contribute to the field of education within the military. 


How did you find the process and what did you like about it? 

The QTLS process has been an enriching and rewarding journey, offering a structured framework for my own professional development and national recognition. One of the aspects I appreciated about the process was the mandatory reflective practice and professional discussions. This allowed me to critically evaluate my teaching practice, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to address them, aligning to the Professional Standards. This approach enhanced my teaching skills and pedagogical knowledge.


What has undertaking QTLS taught you about yourself? 

The QTLS process provided a platform for personal growth and confidence building. By engaging in self-reflection and continuous professional development, it taught me a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement as an educator. The process allowed me to challenge myself, step outside my comfort zone, and take ownership of my professional development. It was also rewarding to check on what I was already doing as an educator correctly. I witnessed a significant increase in my confidence, not only in the classroom but also in my ability to contribute meaningfully to the wider educational sector across Team Fisher. 


What impact has QTLS had on your practice and learners? 

The QTLS process has emphasised the importance of professionalism in my teaching. By understanding, promoting, and demonstrating the Professional Standards, I ensure positive role model traits for my learners. This has helped them develop their own professional skills and attitudes, preparing them for their future careers as Defence Trainers.


What impact has QTLS had on your organisation? 

I endeavor to raise the overall quality and standards of teaching within the organisation by promoting the Professional Standards and linking these within the OTLA process. Demonstrating the Professional Standards positively influences the learning experience of future Defence Trainers who in turn will showcase these standards to all learners on their training or career courses. This can lead to an overall increase of motivation, job satisfaction, and career progression opportunities for trainers and learners, which can result in a more engaged and competent mariner on an operational platform. 


What are you going to do next and how will you continue to develop your practice? 

I’m going to continue to be reflective around my teaching practice and seek opportunities to further enhance my skills. I hope to engage in professional development activities, attend relevant conferences or webinars, and actively seek feedback from colleagues or mentors. Moving forward, I would like to mentor any Defence Trainers who are hoping to gain QTLS. 


What advice would you give teachers/trainers who are thinking of undertaking QTLS? 

Reach out to colleagues who have already obtained QTLS or are in the process of doing so. They can share their experiences and provide valuable insights into the application process, portfolio completion, and any challenges they encountered. Throughout the QTLS process, I was fortunate to have the guidance and support of a dedicated mentor. My mentor played a crucial role and helped me set realistic targets, offered guidance, and provided encouragement throughout. Undertaking QTLS requires time and commitment. Creating a realistic timeline for completing the necessary tasks, and breaking down the process into manageable steps, will help you stay organised and avoid feeling overwhelmed. 


Finally, please tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I love playing Fantasy Premier League (FPL), allowing me to channel my inner Emma Hayes and test my managerial skills, embracing the ups and downs on a football weekend. In the 2018/19, season I finished top 80,000 in the world (out of eight million). Just a shame my actual football team – Sheffield Wednesday – don’t meet those highs! 



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