Geoff Petty: September is the time to experiment with your teaching

13 August 2019

What are you waiting for, asks Geoff Petty? It’s a new year and the perfect time to adopt the advice of Professor Dylan Wiliam and experiment!

Geoff Petty: How to get that safety-net bounce

10 July 2019

Does your department have the ability to organise coffee at break times? If yes, then Geoff Petty thinks you’re ready to try to ‘catch them before they fall’.

Coaching for Education to inspire, motivate and raise the aspirations of your learners

10 July 2019

It’s a lot easier for a learner if they understand why they are learning something, explains Gavin Lumsden.

inTuition taster: Writer's blog, By Jim Smith

13 June 2019

Given the offer of a trip in an educational time machine, I wonder if it would prove more beneficial to go backwards or forwards in time?

InTuition taster: Managing a portfolio career

13 June 2019

Some two million people in the UK are freelancers, many of them working on a portfolio of different contracts. Gail Lydon offers an insight into what this means in the further education and training sector.

InTuition taster: Metacognition points the way for learners to achieve their very best

13 June 2019

Thinking skills put the onus on students to examine how they are learning and take responsibility for their progress, but the big challenge for teachers is to bring this all to life, says Patricia Spedding.

Geoff Petty: Are you grading too much? Why grading degrades learning

12 June 2019

How would you feel if every other day your boss said ‘your teaching isn’t as good as everybody else’s?’ asks Geoff Petty, the author of ‘Teaching Today’, ‘Evidenced Based Teaching’ and ‘How To Teach Even Better.

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