Geoff Petty: Have we time for active learning? The evidence

14 February 2019

Active learning has been shown to improve students’ work by a grade and a half, says Geoff Petty. So, what’s stopping you from trying it?

Ever tried, ever failed? How research reveals why fantasising about achieving a goal can backfire

14 February 2019

Why is it that so many of us, despite our best intentions, fail to achieve our goals? Marcin Lewandowski explains why the problem may be with the actual act of fantasising about achieving a goal in the first place.

New technologies are not a silver bullet for improving learner outcomes

14 February 2019

Whilst there is no silver bullet for improving learner outcomes, new technologies help to make lessons more engaging and relevant, writes Vikki Liogier, Head of Learning Technologies at the ETF.

Geoff Petty: Help! My brain’s full - how to avoid ‘cognitive overload’

07 January 2019

Psychologists warn that common teaching methods often overload students’ working memory. Fortunately, this can be fixed, says Geoff Petty.

The European approach to quality assurance in vocational education and training

07 January 2019

Since 2009 member states of the European Union have been using the same framework to assure the quality of vocational training and education (VET).

inTuition taster: Responding to a disruptive learner

12 December 2018

Susan Wallace suggests teachers need to turn philosopher to weigh up the best way to deal with that typical teaching headache: the learner who’s distracting everyone else’s concentration.

InTuition taster: Combatting anxiety: three tools for all maths teachers and learners

12 December 2018

When learners tie themselves into knots about doing maths, it can be so debilitating. Teachers can feel powerless too. But helpful techniques are at hand, write Sue Johnston-Wilder and Janet Kilpatrick Baker.

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