Motivating your learners with Geoff Petty – webinar round-up

18 November 2020

Read the round-up of this webinar, including the discussions which took place and some highlights from our live question and answer session.

Teaching Generation Z: Four key characteristics and how they shape your classrooms

20 October 2020

If you are an educator and you teach students between 8 and 23 years old you are teaching Generation Z – young people who have never known a life without technology, writes teacher and author Karl Pupé.

World Mental Health Day 2020: Supporting teachers and learners

07 October 2020

Ahead of World Mental Health Day 2020, we look at how we can support teachers and trainers in the Further Education and Training sector.

inTuition taster: Fresh thinking

30 September 2020

The Three Horizons model has been around for the past two decades but is now starting to gain traction in the further education sector. Lou Mycroft explains.

inTuition taster: Informal learning

30 September 2020

Dr Lynne Taylerson explores the findings of her research into FE practitioners’ use of social media communities for informal professional learning.

inTuition taster: Rising to the challenge

30 September 2020

Lockdown presented huge challenges to education providers up and down the country. As well as rapidly switching to online learning, many also were keen to help out in their local communities, writes Jo Faragher.

Geoff Petty: Teaching your students to be creative

24 September 2020

Creativity can be taught and the ‘icedip’ process is the key to success, says Geoff Petty.

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