inTuition taster: Responding to a disruptive learner

12 December 2018

Susan Wallace suggests teachers need to turn philosopher to weigh up the best way to deal with that typical teaching headache: the learner who’s distracting everyone else’s concentration.

InTuition taster: Combatting anxiety: three tools for all maths teachers and learners

12 December 2018

When learners tie themselves into knots about doing maths, it can be so debilitating. Teachers can feel powerless too. But helpful techniques are at hand, write Sue Johnston-Wilder and Janet Kilpatrick Baker.

InTuition taster: Didau on... The vital role of memory in learning

12 December 2018

David Didau discusses the importance of understanding psychology in teaching and why the most important area of psychology for teachers to know about is the science of memory.

Geoff Petty: Graded lesson observations are dead in the water. What should replace them?

03 December 2018

A few years ago Ofsted turned its back on graded lesson observations, but many colleges persist with them. Geoff Petty looks at the evidence and the alternatives.

Geoff Petty: Help! They forget faster than I can teach

06 November 2018

Is there a way to improve the recall of your students? Absolutely, says Geoff Petty. Geoff is the author of Teaching Today and Evidenced Based Teaching, and has trained staff in more than 300 colleges and schools.

Geoff Petty: The leaders-as-teachers revolution

08 October 2018

If you lead a team of teachers you need to know about ‘supported experiments’, says Geoff Petty.

Scientific strategies to create the best way for students to learn

08 October 2018

Well-researched methods can be welcome tools in the armoury of ever-pressurised teachers, writes Megan Smith and Yana Weinstein.

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