What is ATS?

Advanced Teacher Status (ATS): the next career step for experienced teachers and trainers

Following extensive research with members and stakeholders, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) launched Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) in 2017, underpinned by the 2014 Professional Standards.

SET members who took part in the research told us they wanted:

Recognising mastery in teaching and training 

ATS offers a significant step up from QTLS to recognise advanced teachers and trainers with significant experience, who can demonstrate - at a high level - three key attributes:

1. Mastery in teaching and training.

2. In-depth and up-to-date subject knowledge in their area of professional expertise.

3. Effectiveness in working collaboratively to improve teaching standards amongst their peers or within their organisation or network.

Advanced Teacher Status holders to be conferred Chartered Teacher Status

In November 2018 it was announced that those who achieve Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) will be conferred with the Chartered College of Teaching’s Chartered Teacher designation. This further cements the parity of professional status between those teaching and training across all educational contexts.

Achievement of ATS will allow you to:

  • demonstrate to employers and colleagues your mastery in teaching or training
  • advance your career in terms of progressing to more senior roles
  • use ATS as a designation in your signature and profiles. 

The difference between QTLS and ATS

QTLS is the badge of professionalism and excellence in teaching and learning, demonstrating practitioners’ ability, following their initial teacher qualification, to continue to apply and develop their practice and improve their impact on learners’ outcomes.

ATS is the natural next career step for advanced teaching professionals and QTLS holders with several (at least four, but often more) years’ teaching experience. It is aimed at teachers and trainers who want to develop and demonstrate mastery in their practice and their increasing role in supporting others, mentoring and working collaboratively with peers, sharing effective practice, and improving the quality of teaching within their organisation or network.

Who is ATS intended for?

ATS is aimed at experienced teachers and trainers who have been qualified for four years or more and hold QTLS. Applicants will have already developed and consistently demonstrated a high level of pedagogical and occupational/subject expertise.

Typically, the status is aimed at teachers/trainers in the following roles:

  • teachers or trainers who are sharing their pedagogical/subject expertise through networking or coaching/mentoring others in their organisation
  • practitioners with high level technical and professional experience and/or academic knowledge of their subject
  • advanced practitioners with high level pedagogical skills in their vocational area
  • curriculum managers or co-ordinators with a significant teaching or staff development role
  • aspiring senior managers
  • senior instructors, trainers and assessors and those supporting apprenticeship programmes.

Undertaking ATS is an excellent developmental opportunity that will enable you to: 

  • reflect on your practice to further improve your teaching and learning
  • build collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners, developing skills in mentoring colleagues to bring about changes in their own and others’ practice
  • maintain and update your subject knowledge and educational research
  • apply understanding of effective practice in teaching and learning
  • critically evaluate practice and assess its impact
  • collaborate with your employers, where applicable
  • contribute to organisational development
  • develop curriculum or teaching and learning leadership skills.

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