What is a webinar and why would you join one?

In this short article, we look at webinars and why they can be useful.


What is a webinar?

‘Webinar’ simply means ‘web seminar’; it is a live or on-demand event, taking place on the internet. It can be a discussion, lecture, conference, presentation, or demonstration. Participants can see documents (usually slides) and other applications via their computer. There will also be shared audio, so you can hear the presenter.


Why would a webinar be useful to me?

Sometimes you won't have time to go to a conference or training session; a webinar cuts the travel time down to zero. It means that you can list to the most relevant and interesting sector experts from your own home or work.


What do I need to be able to join a webinar?

You just need your computer, a compatible web browser and speakers (or headphones).


Can I be seen or heard?

No, you don’t need a camera or a microphone to join a webinar – nobody will see you or hear you!


How do I join a SET webinar?

We will promote upcoming webinars via our website, social media channels, and we may also send you an email. You can keep an eye on the events section on the SET website where you will be able to register for upcoming live webinars. After the live webinar has taken place, most webinars will be available ‘on demand’ via the SET website resources section.


Participating in a webinar - what do I do?

Things to check:

  1. The sound on the device you are using is switched on.
  2. That you have an internet connection strong enough to support a live streamed event.

Watch the slides and listen or watch the presenter. You can leave the session if you need to and catch up on any missed parts by downloading a recording or the slides after the event.