SET launches re-accreditation process for Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) holders

The Society for Education and Training (SET) is pleased to announce the introduction of a re-accreditation process for Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) holders.

The new quality standard will shine a light on the importance of maintaining a high level of professional practice in the FE and Training sector and champion the high level of professional practice amongst those who achieve the status.  

Since the launch of Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) in 2017, SET proposed a re-accreditation process, which more recently led to a consultation with SET’s Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) and the Chartered College of Teaching (CCT).  

Professional Standards

Regardless of when you achieved ATS, SET members will be required attend a re-accreditation event once every three years to maintain their status, with an inspiring annual event to help facilitate this. There is no re-accreditation fee and the event is also free to attend.

Andrew Dowell, Head of Professional Status and Standards at the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), said: “We feel that it is important that the recognised (Advanced Teacher) Professional Standards are continuing to be met by our members, post ATS award.
“To ensure that we maintain strong links with our highly valued ATS holders, SET will be hosting an annual re-accreditation event. This event will enable ATS holders to network with others who hold the status and provide opportunities for them to further develop in their roles.”  

Re-accreditation event  

The first event will take place on Friday 4 March 2022 at the National Audit Office in London (where the Education and Training Foundation is based), unless there are new restrictions in place for face-to-face events; in this case, the event will be held remotely.   

As CCT is also introducing a reaccreditation process for Chartered Teacher Status in 2022, ATS holders only need to re-accredit with SET to maintain both statuses.    

If you do not re-accredit within the required timeframe (three years), your status will become dormant, and your ATS status will no longer appear on the professional register.  

Find out more by visiting our dedicated Re-accreditation FAQ page.