SET closed Facebook group rules

The Society for Education and Training (SET) Closed Facebook Group Rules.

  1. Please be polite and respect other people’s views, opinions and experiences. Avoid rants in capital letters and keep on-topic.

  2. Abusive, unpleasant or libellous comments or anything in breach of Facebook policies will be removed and group members blocked.

  3. Our aim is to keep the group page spam-free – continuous posts about the same topic or publishing a link numerous times will be deleted.

  4. Do not give out personal details. If other members get in touch with you and you aren’t sure about the content of the message, please alert the SET Team by sending a private message to the page or emailing

  5. Please avoid posting job adverts, salary details or information about active job interviews or applications.

  6. Please be patient if you report any complaint or suggestion – we aim to respond within three working days.

  7. You may find opinions that you disagree with and some you may find offensive. Our aim at all times is to provide a place where the maximum discussion can take place.

  8. We try to be as fair as we can when moderating, but in a large community of users, with many different viewpoints, there will always be some people that will not be happy with our moderation policies. While we regret that this happens, we cannot suit all of the people all of the time and have to make decisions based on what is best for the group overall.

  9. The views expressed on group pages do not necessarily reflect the views of SET and/or the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). It is the responsibility of all members of the group to maintain the community environment.

  10. Report abuse by informing the SET Team via email on Please note that abuse reports are confidential and are not seen by the abuser. If you feel you have been subject to abusive, defamatory or libellous posts in the forum, your first step should be to contact the SET Team to have the offending post removed. Please be patient if you report any complaint or suggestion – we aim to respond within two working days.

  11. If your post is edited or deleted, you will be sent a message by the SET Team. If you still don't understand why you were moderated then email the SET Team at Do not post the same message again or taunt other members of the group for reporting you.

  12. Messages posted on SET group pages are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. We have the right to edit, delete, transfer, keep, sell or re-license posts at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to delete or amend any materials that, in the SET Team’s reasonable opinion, are likely to fall foul of the law.

  13. SET Facebook groups are not a venue for unsolicited advertisements of any kind. It will be the sole discretion of the SET admin team as to what constitutes an advertisement.

  14. To use quotes from the group in any press or marketing coverage we ask that you contact those you wish to quote to ask for permission first.


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