QTLS 2019 changes to registration windows

Register for QTLS at any time of the year and be included in one of two cohorts over 12 months. 

The opportunity to register for QTLS has, up to now, been offered in three registration windows, Sep-Oct, Dec-Jan and Apr-May. We have listened to feedback from our members and concluded that a more flexible approach should be offered so that applicants have more time to complete their portfolios during the academic year. 

Register for QTLS at any time 

This means that we will no longer be offering the April/May registration period. Therefore to register for QTLS from 1 February, you can now express your interest (without making payment) for QTLS at any time on the SET website.

Sign up to be automatically included in the next cohort

This will ensure you are on the mailing list for any preparatory information, so you are clear on your commitment and requirements before you start. It also means you do not have to remember when the QTLS registration window is open; you just need to ensure you sign up and you will automatically be included in the next cohort.

Two cohorts a year 

There will be two cohorts a year, one commencing 1 October and one commencing in early January. This means that all QTLS registrants will be invited to make payment a month before the start date and all online workbooks will be made available on the cohort start date. Payment by direct debit instalments will still be available and the full price of £485 will remain unchanged.

Six months to complete QTLS

You will have a full six months to complete the QTLS status (regardless of what cohort you are on), making it more equitable than the current system. Please refer to the table on this SET website page to see submission deadlines and results dates.

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