QTLS Stories

Learn more about the QTLS process from previous participants.

Helen Van De Kaa

Helen Van De Kaa has been teaching ICT and business for 18 months. She explains how undertaking QTLS has encouraged her to be more creative with the way she teaches.

My QTLS experience: Helen Van De Kaa

Yasmin Manjra

Yasmin explains how the QTLS journey has opened her eyes to the wider teacher profession and is taking her one step closer to her goal of supporting learners with their mental health.

My QTLS experience: Yasmin Manjra

Kerry Anne Richardson

Kerry Anne Richardson explains why pushing herself to undertake her QTLS gave her the boost she needed to be far more confident in her teaching abilities.

My QTLS story: Kerry Anne Richardson

Gillian Bagshaw

Gillian is a talent coach and tutor, previously spending 15 years in a Learning and Development role at Natwest. After recently being awarded QTLS, Gillian is due to start a new role of Curriculum Manager at Knowledgepool.

My QTLS experience: Gillian Bagshaw

Nick Chadwick

Nick, Education and Assessment Manager at Train Aid, and former Head of Sports Development at Reigate College, explains why he believes QTLS makes you more of a dynamic practitioner why he encourages his teacher trainers to follow the same path.

My QTLS experience: Nick Chadwick

Tracey Bedford

Tracey is Curriculum Lead for Health and Social Care and Functional Skills for GB Training. She explains how undertaking QTLS status re-ignited her passion for learning and led to a number of positive changes in her role.

MY QTLS experience Tracey Bedford

Samantha Ziegenfuss

Samantha explains how QTLS has enabled her to be a more reflective practitioner, using her knowledge to experiment with more innovative approaches and alternative ways of engaging students.

My QTLS experience Samantha Ziegenfuss

Sue Dew-Gosling

Sue has been teaching for 10 years and is also a moderator for AQA. She works at Bracknell and Wokingham College as a Creative Arts Lecturer, teaching students on Level 2 and 3 Art and Design Courses.

My QTLS experience Sue Dew-Gosling

Polly Wardle

Polly is a sport lecturer for Bristol City Community Trust, teaching BTEC Level 2 and Level 3. She has been teaching for three years and is also a futsal and football coach.

My QTLS experience: Polly Wardle

Liam James

Liam is a lecturer and course coordinator at Weston College for the BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness). Alongside teaching he is the director of a junior football club which competes in the Junior Premier League, helping to develop aspiring footballers through improving the quality of coaching.

My QTLS experience Liam James

Jenny Stafford-Curtis

Jenny explains how she is managing to balance the QTLS process with a full-time job and why it has already progressed her career.

My QTLS story: Jenny Stafford-Curtis

Jeminiyi Ogunkoya

Jeminiyi is a Qualifications and Development Lead/Lead IQA and has been in the teaching and learning sector since 2010. She explains how QTLS was the perfect match to satisfy her personal work goals.

My QTLS experience: Jeminiyi Ogunkoya

Darren Bolton

Darren teaches mathematics and Physics (GCSE and AS Level) at an English speaking secondary high school in China. He explains why the experience has led to him considering himself to be a 'lifelong improver'.

My QTLS experience: Darren Bolton

Calvin Maye

Calvin has been coaching children and adult learners for over 15 years and is due to start a new job as a PE teacher at the secondary school he left 21 years ago. He also works in a professional football club as an academy coach.

My QTLS experience: Calvin Maye

Angela Morris

Angela is a lecturer and tutor in history and social policy and has been teaching since 1995. Angela explains how QTLS has enhanced her confidence as a teacher and encouraged greater discussion about teaching strategies within her organisation.

My QTLS experience: Angela Morris

Alessia Di Meo

Alessia is a Functional Skills tutor for apprenticeships on behalf of the Fire Brigade Union Learning centre, which works in partnership with further education providers to deliver a range of courses and recognised qualifications in IT, Maths, English, Preparation for Life and Work, Health and Social Care and Business and Administration.

My QTLS experience: Alessia Di Meo

Abigail Pannozzo

Abigail has been teaching Level 3 Fine Art, Graphic Communication and Photography at a sixth form college for three years. She explains why undertaking QTLS was so important to her after completing a PGCE in Post-16 education.

My QTLS experience: Abigail Pannozzo

Tom Hardy

Tom works as a Key Stage 3 teacher at Phoenix Park Academy, a pupil referral unit in Grimsby. He explains how undertaking QTLS status enabled him to see the bigger picture when it came to understanding the different needs of his learners.

My QTLS experience: Tom Hardy

Samson Chumbu

Samson works at Bucks College as an ICT lecturer, teaching students from Level 1 to Level 3. He explains how undertaking QTLS status has had such a strong impact on the direct experience his learners now have in the workplace.

My QTLS experience: Samson Chumbu